Which Option to Choose- Wood or Vinyl Window Replacement?

Even after having a list of numerous replacement window materials, homeowners usually pick up two options- wood and vinyl. Considering the fact that window replacement is crucial and worthy, it is always necessary to pay attention on which material could satisfy the needs more efficiently than the other. Needless to say, material selection is quite influential on creating a comfortable and relaxing environment. This decision is then followed by the color, style, design and other details that are responsible to highlight other aspects of window replacement. But, what if someone doesn’t replace windows till date? Which material option to go with? Whether wood could meet the requirements or vinyl window replacement is satisfactory? Here are some details to know about:

  1. Energy Efficiency

Practically, no one could easily find out which window material works efficiently because both works in the same way. They are great insulators and therefore, cause confusion at the time of selection. Though, vinyl has got an edge in terms of being more energy efficient. It also doesn’t require much maintenance and turns out to be the perfect choice as compared to wood.

  1. Maintenance and Repair

Vinyl window replacement is quite satisfactory and long lasting with respect to the maintenance and repair needs. Vinyl windows simply need occasional cleaning in order to get that smooth and clear vision. While on the contrary, wood windows need a lot of upkeep efforts over the years. Homeowners have to spend a significant amount of money on their staining or repainting and do something to maintain their insulating features.

  1. Affordability

Homeowners are aware of the fact that vinyl windows are reasonable and need lesser efforts to install. They are rest assured to receive good return on the investment as they offer optimal energy efficiency with less upfront. Keep in mind that each replacement window holds a different cost, depending upon the customization, styling and other features. The best of all, vinyl is significantly affordable than wood.


  1. Style is Subjective

As far as appearance of the property is concerned, both options are almost the same. However, it depends upon the home and its ability to utilize their beauty. Wood is, obviously, capable of giving that warm and elegant touch that vinyl doesn’t possess. But, if someone wants a new and fresh look, then go for vinyl window replacement.

Which Option to Choose- Wood or Vinyl Window Replacement?

So, it can be said that the selection of vinyl or wood windows vary from one property to the other. Owners simply have to consider what their properties need and make a selection accordingly.