First R4 3DS Flashcarts

One of the first R4 3DS flashcarts to offer full compatibility with game backups was the Gateway 3DS flashcart. Following in the footsteps of the progenitors of the 3DS flashcart scene came several other flashcarts, notably those priced lower than that of Gateway3DS and R4iDSN 3DS.

The R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe is one of those flashcarts, borrowing various elements from the Gateway3DS to produce a lower cost and just as effective flashcart solution.

Fast Facts

Second generation R4 3DS flashcart Works with Nintendo 3DS handhelds with firmware lower than 4.5 Plays homebrew apps and games in all regions (region-free) 2 MicroSD cards recommended for regular use – must be at least 2GB No MicroSD card reader included; must buy separately Utilizes software from Gateway3DS, another type of R4 3DS flashcart Compatible and plays most homebrew 3DS apps, media and games


Out of the box, the flashcart is decidedly cheap—one reviewer commented about the lack of packaging and an advertised 'free' MicroSD card reader for their device. However, it wasn't too much of an issue given the functionality of the device.

On a positive note, the R4 pour 3DS sports great functionality. The development team uses various elements from the already existing Gateway3DS flashcart software, which pretty much ensures the stability of the flashcart's software capabilities. Also, it makes this flashcart a better value for people who want a Gateway3DS flashcart, but can't afford the price tag at the moment.

Support from the development team is good, too; some reviewers, on the other hand, consider the close development cycle that the team shares with that of Gateway3DS to be a negative, so take that as you will. Still, the device is stable and that's great enough.

The build quality isn't as good as competitors like Acekard and the like. But, it's serviceable—just be gentle with it.

The actual functionality of the device is great, as expected. It's completely capable of playing various forms of media, including homebrew apps and game backups.

Pros and Cons

People liked:

The compatibility with the Nintendo 3DS console and its capabilities of effortlessly playing most media, homebrew apps and game backups. The cost – it's cheaper than the Gateway3DS online. The support team stays on top of software updates, ensuring full compatibility of the flashcart.

People don't like:

The cheap build quality and the lack of advertised packaging/accessories. The rather close development with the Gateway3DS team—some think that the R4i Gold 3DS development team should forage their own identity.


When it comes to sheer flashcart value, the R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe is your best bet. As the market for fully compatible R4 3DS flashcarts matures, you're not going to see many go down in price. But, until then, the R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe is an excellent compromise for the price.

Cellucor Super HD Weight Loss Supplements

A lot of supplement manufacturers out there put proprietary ingredients in their supplements that will hopefully persuade people that it is more effective than the rest. Today, we’re going to talk about the Cellucor Super HD Weight Loss supplement.
Now in its 4th iteration, the Cellucor Super HD Weight Loss supplement not only burns fat, but it also improves your cognition. How does this supplement work? It has a few proprietary blends namely:

Slimpro- their first proprietary blend that helps you control your appetite. Green Tea Power Mix- Green tea is a popular ingredient included in most weight-loss supplements because of its ability to amplify your metabolism. Here are the key ingredients of the Cellucor Super HD Weight Loss supplement:

Rhodiola- an adaptogen that helps increase endurance, mental energy and focus. It also helps alleviate stress. Amia Fruit Extract- This Indian fruit extract contains compounds that are scientifically proven to improve cognitive functions. Toothed Clubmoss- This ingredient contains a well-known substance called Huperzine A. This compound is said to have an impact on one's concentration. Caffeine- a popular stimulant that is also a common ingredient found in most weight loss supplements. Not only does caffeine increase energy, but it also acts as a thermogenic, which effectively burns fat even when you’re resting.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine- This ingredient helps improve Neurotransmitter function. It also acts as a thermogenic. Tuber fleece flower root extract- this is a popular ingredient commonly used in Chinese medicines. This ingredient can rid your body of harmful toxins. The Cullucor Super HD Weight Loss supplement is one of the few Weight loss supplements out in the market that has a lot of active ingredients. Because of this, it has risen to popularity in recent months because it is really effective in burning fat and improving your cognition. What do customers have to say about the weight loss supplement? Let’s find out:

Sarah: “I absolutely LOVE. Cellucor Super HD. Not only is it getting me ripped but it is giving my great energy and suppressing my appetite like it says. I take one cellucor super HD pill in the morning with a cut of green tea and a bowl of oatmeal and it powers me right through my day! I have only been on this capsule for a week but I am seeing great results and feeling great too. Be careful on first day of taking it, it is going to clean you right out, make sure you're near a restroom. I would not suggest taking this pill with other caffeine sources such as coffee or an energy drink, just water or green tea!!! Also, I am a petite girl so taking two capsules in one day made me a little nutty in the head and made me very emotional even though I have a very high caffeine tolerance. The photos I'm posting are only my results after one week, I will surely post more :) I highly recommend this product.”
Elaine: “I used this with this weight-loss pill and was able to lose 10 pounds in the first month. I would highly recommend both products because I think the appetite suppressants really do work together and cause a heightened appetite surpressant effect that actually made it very hard for me to eat much.. which I really needed.”
You can buy the Cellucor Super HD Weight Lose Supplement for only $39.99 for 60 capsules.

TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse

Who says gaming peripherals should be expensive? There are a lot of gaming peripherals out there that are quite good, without the hefty price tag. Today, we are going to take a look at the TeckNet Raptor Gaming mouse. This is a good gaming mouse without the premium price of most other gaming peripherals on the market today.

To know more about the TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse, let’s take a look at its features: 6D optical gaming mouse with blue-wave sensor Integrated 2000 dpi optical gaming sensor and adjustable dpi setting (400/600/1200/2000) for precise cursor control; Frame Rate: 4000 frame/sec 40g adding extra weight for gaming Braided cable with magnetic ring and golden USB port Natural curves that fit your palm and smooth-gliding underside tips provide you with epic comfort and control. The TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse is fitted with what they called the “6D Optical Blue Wave Sensor”. This sensor, as they say, is very food especially for people who play FPS games.

It also comes with a 2000-dpi sensor that you can adjust (there are 4 preset DPI, ranging from 400-2000). If you are an FPS gamer, it is best that you set your DPI well below 2000 anyway.

The ergonomics of the TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse is also quite good. It can fit in the palm of your hand so nicely that you can play for hours on end. Speaking of which, the TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse also comes with an additional 40g of removable weight. You can choose how heavy the mouse should be by adding the appropriate weights on it.

The TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse also comes with a Braided cable for extreme durability, which can help the gaming mouse last for years. And, it also comes with a gold-plated USB for high-speed and no lag mouse movements.

Lastly, the TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse also has an 18-month warranty. Their customer support hotline is also available 24/7 should you encounter any problems with the gaming mouse.

What do people think about the TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse? Let’s find out by reading some customer reviews:

Byron: “I must admit; I was skeptical at first. I used to have gaming peripherals from well-known companies such as Razer and Steelseries. But, I saw this online and I wanted to try it as it has a lot of good reviews. The mouse arrived promptly and I instantly plugged it in my computer. I was surprised by how well it performs. Even though it only has 2000 DPI at maximum, I was able to pawn the competition when playing MOBA games. All in all, for the price, performance, and durability, this mouse can trump those of well-known companies.”

Laurence: “I am always on the lookout for cheap gaming mice because I wanted to test something out. I was quite surprised by the TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse because of its durability and performance. For a gaming mouse that is priced below $20, this can outperform gaming mice from Razer and other prominent companies.”

The TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse is a good gaming mouse if you want steady performance without the hefty price tag. This mouse is currently on sale and you can get one for only $10.

Tubot for Youtube App for the iOS

Are you fond of visiting Youtube to watch videos? If so, you know that the stock Youtube experience, although good enough for some, may not be good enough for you. You wished that the experience could’ve been better.

If you own an Apple mobile phone, then you’re in luck! There is an app specifically for the iPhone that allows you to improve your Youtube experience. The Tubot for Youtube App for the iOS is pretty much like the Youtube app but it does a lot more. This iOS app comes preloaded with a lot of options to help improve your Youtube experience.

So, let’s talk about this Apple mobile phone app’s features. The Tubot for Youtube App for the iOS organizes your content. This means that you can use multiple Youtube accounts at once. If you have a public Youtube account where you put your game streams and a private account where you store all of your precious memories, then the Tubot App allows you to organize the content of both accounts, all at the same time! You can subscribe to different Youtube users and sort out playlists and other subscriptions thanks to this wonderful mobile phone app.

Now, Youtube is a streaming service so let’s talk about the App’s playback ability. The Tubot for Youtube App for the iOS mobile phones does a pretty good job of improving the playback capabilities of Youtube. For one, you can minimize the video player. This allows you to browse your Facebook feed while also watching a Youtube video, all at the same time.

Furthermore, we are all busy individuals and a lot of things are vying for your attention. It could be your boss, it could be your spouse, or it could be your friends. If you’re watching a Youtube video and someone needs your attention, the Tubot app does a really good job of saving the exact state where you left off. This is so that you can go back to where you previously were in a certain Youtube Video. Pretty neat, huh?

If there is a certain video that you want to watch again, but you don’t know the exact name of it, do not worry! The Tubot for Youtube App for the iOS mobile phones has a “Watch history” which allows you to know what videos you’ve watched during a specified time period. You can set it to view entries you’ve watched this week, this month, and so on.

The Tubot for Youtube App for the iOS also employs a very powerful search algorithm. You can search for specific videos, channels, and playlists, and the app does a good job of delivering high-quality results. Moreover, you can also set the app to search using different parameters such as the duration, order, and publishing date of the video.

This Apple mobile phone app is specifically made for the iPhone so it sports a clean design and it also synchronizes with your iCloud account as well. The Tubot for Youtube App for the iOS is a pretty solid Youtube enhancement app. This app is currently on sale for only $5. You can get this app from the Apple App store.

SureCall FlexPro 4G Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Are you still not convinced to get a mobile phone signal booster? Then hear this: people that have even the most expensive mobile phones on the market still suffer from low mobile phone signal reception.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to signal loss and some of those factors are beyond your control. The only way to really fix this is for you to get a mobile phone signal booster. So, I highly recommend you get one today.

I am pretty sure that you’re now using the new 4G LTE standard because of its reliable speed and amazing data transfer rates. So today, I am going to talk about the SureCall FlexPro 4G Mobile Phone Signal Booster. SureCall really knows what you need in a mobile phone signal booster and that is why I want to recommend this product to you.

This mobile phone signal booster is the direct successor to the SureCall Flexpro 3G. That signal booster is only limited to boosting 3G signals but it does a really fine job with it.

The only difference between the two mobile phone signal boosters is that this one supports the new 4G LTE standard and the old one doesn’t. Anyway, the SureCall FlexPro 4G Mobile Phone Signal Booster has an impressive range of 6,000 sq.ft. You can ideally use this even in mansions and small offices.

Furthermore, when you buy the SureCall FlexPro 4G Mobile Phone Signal Booster, you will have a choice of both internal and external antennas depending on your location.

For those of you who do not know, there are different internal and external antennas that mobile phone signal boosters use. For external antennas, the SureCall FlexPro 4G Mobile Phone Signal Booster uses a 4dB omnidirectional antenna and an 8dB yagi-directional antenna. Omnidirectional antennas are perfect when you are within 30 miles from your service provider’s cell towers. This type of antenna grasps signals from various directions, hence, the name.

Yagi-directional antennas, on the other hand, are more powerful than the omnidirectional antennas but they are only limited to one direction. This antenna is ideal for people who are located more than 30 miles away from the cell tower. For the inside antennas, the SureCall FlexPro 4G Mobile Phone Signal Booster can use either the 6dB omni-dome antenna and the 10dB Panel antenna. The omni-dome antenna is pretty similar to its external antenna counterpart in that it broadcasts signals in all directions. The panel antenna, however, can only broadcast signals in one direction (like the yagi-directional antenna). Both of these antennas have advantages and disadvantages. If you’re still unsure which one to use, if you’re located really far away, get the yagi-directional external antenna. Otherwise, get the omnidirectional antenna.

For the internal antenna, get the omnidirectional antenna if you have a pretty standard house but if you want to concentrate the signals in one particular area, then the panel antenna is preferred. The SureCall FlexPro 4G Mobile Phone Signal Booster also comes with a powerful 75dB gain signal booster. It works perfectly well and all you have to do is install it and forget it. The SureCall FlexPro 4G Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a robust solution to all of your mobile phone signal reception problems. This mobile phone signal booster is a bit pricey but it is worth the money.

weBoost 4G-M Mobile Phone Signal Booster with Cradle

weBoost is a mobile phone signal booster company that has been around for so many years. They’ve successfully helped people solve their low mobile phone signal reception problems by giving them solid solutions, aka, mobile phone signal boosters. Today, I am going to talk about the weBoost 4G-M Mobile Phone Signal Booster. Although this has been released a few months ago, this mobile phone signal booster comes with an amazing cradle that can support another mobile phone in your vehicle.

Before I talk about the additional cradle that comes with this mobile phone signal booster, I want to talk about its features. The weBoost 4G-M Mobile Phone Signal Booster with Cradle is a 5-band mobile phone signal booster which supports all major mobile phone service providers around the world. Furthermore, the weBoost 4G-M Mobile Phone Signal Booster does not require any more tools for it to be installed. All you really need to do is mount the external antenna on the roof of your car and then route the antenna inside your car. Next, place the mobile phone signal booster somewhere convenient (preferably on the side of the car’s seat). Plug in the external antenna into its port. Plug the included DC power adapter into the car’s cigarette charging port. Plug the power adapter into the mobile phone signal booster. Wait for a couple of minutes and you should now enjoy your mobile phone signal booster and its capabilities! It is worth noting that the weBoost 4G-M Mobile Phone Signal Booster boosts the new 4G LTE standard and previous signal technologies. The mobile phone signal booster itself is also very powerful as it comes with 72 db of High gain, and that is considering that this mobile phone signal booster is installed in your vehicle.

Furthermore, the weBoost 4G-M Mobile Phone Signal Booster is not a cradle-type signal booster, which means that you can share the amplified signals to other people in your vehicle, up to a maximum of 4 concurrent users. Now, why did I talk about the weBoost 4G-M Mobile Phone Signal Booster? Well, that is because recently, the company is throwing in one of their 3G mobile phone signal boosters.

Although it is a cradle-type mobile phone signal booster thrown in the package, it also acts as a charger as well. So, you will not only be able to charge your mobile phone while it is in the cradle but it can also be used to amplify mobile phone signals as well. It is very easy to install the cradle-type signal booster as it has the same installation instructions to that of the weBoost 4G-M Mobile Phone Signal Booster. The only thing that is different is the mounting of the cradle as it should be mounted on the dashboard for easy access. I am really happy that weBoost did this. It only goes to show you how weBoost is committed to solving all of your low mobile phone signal reception woes. The weBoost 4G-M Mobile Phone Signal Booster with Cradle only costs $280.